Bike Physics

June 21, 2006

What's this all about?

Welcome to - a resource for cyclists, geeks, and cyclists who are geeks. But mainly it's intended as a resource for competitive cyclists. Within this site are tools that will allow people to make meaningful comparisons between products before they spend a lot of money. Kind of like Weight Weenies, except that not only will you find the weight, but a whole list of performance parameters to consider!

The first subject I've tackled is the bicycle wheel. After a lot of thought and effort, I've come up with a method of evaluating a wheel that is both easy to understand and easy to reproduce. For the geeks and those who are even mildly interested I have written a paper and posted it to this website. Everyone should read this at least once, just to get a better understanding of the numbers that appear on this site. I've also added a forum so that we can discuss and make improvements. Open source science if you will. To that end, I'll be also be willing to send people copies of my raw data as long as they don't misuse it.

For everyone, I have started a database of wheel data. There aren't that many yet, but you can expect more to be added every week. If you have requests for a particular brand or model, just let me know and I'll see if I can get my hands on a pair. If you're curious how your wheels compare to the competition, I can be persuaded to measure them for you. These will then be added to the database so that we can all benefit. Finally cyclists will be able to know exactly why a pair of Neuvations are better than a pair of Ksyriums and by how much. The debate is no longer confined to weight, cost and looks plus a few other intangibles.